Sonor Force 3003
Sonor Force 3003

Force 3003, Drum Set from Sonor in the Force series.

snowdawn05 07/18/2012

Sonor Force 3003 : snowdawn05's user review

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It has been almost four years that I have this drumkit.
The 3000 series were better before, apparently. I had trouble finding what the wood used (sometimes it says there are 7-ply maple, sometimes something else.)
Manufacturing side, it is not German. Here is the Chinese. But the hardware is quality (pedals, stands etc..).
Like any drumkit, the sound depends on the next (mutes, skins, settings ..) difficult to judge.
I always had problems getting a bass drum sound that suited me, but it is a 20 "and my room is small. As I have never tried in another configuration ...
The quality / price is right and honest.