Yamaha Maple Custom
Yamaha Maple Custom

Maple Custom, Drum Set from Yamaha in the Maple Custom series.

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moosers 07/11/2010

Yamaha Maple Custom : moosers's user review


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Yamaha’s Maple Custom drum kit is a high quality set of drums that is suitable for uses of all types. This kit is unlike the Stage and Studio Custom series of Yamaha drums, as it isn’t best suited for rock like the other kits are. At least in my experience with the kit, the Maple Custom is great for jazz and lighter genres. I’m not a drummer, but the drummer that I primarily work with has this kit, so I’ve recorded it a number of times and have even tried my hand at playing it as well. I believe that you can get the Yamaha Maple Custom kit in a variety of forms in terms of the make up of the different drums. The one that I’ve used has a kick drum, a snare, and two tom toms – a floor tom, and a rack tom. While I don’t know the exact sizes that the drum set came with, the kick drum is well below above in terms of size. This makes for a boomy sound kick, which is great for jazz. Generally my friend doesn’t use the snare drum in the kit, so I haven’t heard too much of it, as he’ll switch out different snares for different settings and songs. The tom toms are crisp sounding, with a lot of slap to them. Often for recording we’ll take pieces of this kit and mix them with his Yamaha Stage Custom set, as it’s helpful to mix and match for different situations. However, many a times we stick with all the drums from the Maple Custom kit, as it really does sound great in the right situation. The kick drum is the main drum that we’ll switch out, as it isn’t best for rock since it’s on the smaller side. For what the drum set can do, it’s nearly a flawless kit with a big sound and impressive versatility. The Yamaha Maple Custom isn’t a cheap drum set, so it’s definitely going to be reserved for experienced players and professionals, but if you’re in the market for a top tier kit and have the money to spend, the Yamaha Maple Custom is an awesome choice for your go to drum set.