Digidesign Mix Core
Digidesign Mix Core

Mix Core, DSP Board from Digidesign.

macintoys 03/06/2011

Digidesign Mix Core : macintoys's user review

«  not so old that ... »

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buy for my ugrad protools tdm's home studio this card yet fulfilled its primary function very well. she is in a single 1ghz MDD G4 proc. 2GB of RAM and disk loss of sight.

my current config are 2 mix core and mix a farm. 888I0 1622 and 2 x 882


a very stable condition properly followed the model of G4 and the order of the cards core mix it up first and the oldest ever first if like me you have two (if not a risk of conflict)

the drivers are very simple because everything runs Protools (and he does it very well) and when was the update takes longer counted in seeing the age of critters.

latency ... AC or latency ....


0 clipe instalation problem is we put the cable tdm and was gone, the config is simple if you once again respected regardless simple rule: the order of the cards, their versions and the correct result in the instalation.


ok it is not new but the format of a CD is still 16 bit 44,100 so frankly their works in 24 bit is still effectively ..

I buy the days or seller will have understood that his is worth more than 300 euros 100 150 euros but was well enough for the new version of Protools.