Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad
Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad

UAD-2 Quad, DSP Board from Universal Audio in the UAD-2 PCIe series.

itchounet 04/06/2011

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad : itchounet's user review

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I already own a UAD-1 so I knew the system 'm sure, I have decided to proceed to the top, with the UAD-2 Solo, which is equivalent to twice the power of the UAD-1 , but happiness! I only had no more power, because I am using UAD plugs bigger than the sound of groups and 1 or 2 mastering plugs, it runs without problem on pc pci!
The value for money for the UAD-2 Solo is correct.


No crash for use with Nuendo 3. Regarding the power of the card, we will say that it can rotate 3 plugins greedy, very greedy or 2 plugins (Manley massive passive) time. This power is enough for me because I consider that too many plugs on a mix kills the mix. The UAD system is broken by the mark, there are often new plugs coming to the card, and we can say that the VAS of Universal Audio is on top.


I have wanted to spend my plugs from my old card on my UAD-1 UAD-2, transfer of license s' is actually quite quietly, thinking only has to update the app! No incompatibilities know! The configuration is childish ... Only drawback, it must pass through the net to make the transfer of license, I find it unfortunate that this can not be otherwise, because the studio's computer is not connected precisely to avoid virus problems.


J 'uses the UAD system for about 2 years. The UAD-2 is really great, and the plugs that have recently arrived to the card as well and justify the acquisition of the beast. With experience I will ever be widely that choice, I would even say that 'at the moment, even if the plugs are offered sometimes uneven, for a pro studio these cards are truly a revolution. I think I take a Quad next time, thank you UA!