Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Omni DSP V6
Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Omni DSP V6

UAD-2 Quad Omni DSP V6, DSP Board from Universal Audio in the UAD-2 PCIe series.

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Supavst 08/19/2011

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Omni DSP V6 : Supavst's user review

«  Very disappointing »

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- The use of DSP processors have motivated my choice
- I use the UAD Quad with Cubase


- System very stable
- No latency to crash the beast it takes


- Installation without problems but follow the instructions
- General configuration very simple
- No side


I use it (I do not even know if this word is correct for the number of times I use the plug-ins ...) very rarely, the explanation is simple and that is why I Note the very low-PACK!
Plug-ins provided with the card are more ways! And others are very expensive! I think qu'UAD have much screwed!
So the price / quality ratio is, for me, a great shame!

You should know that I wanted to buy this card but I got it free with a DSU offers the compressor 6176.