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Le Studio Voce à Morin-Heights Q.C. Canada 11/02/2010

Alesis HD24 : Le Studio Voce à Morin-Heights Q.C. Canada's user review

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Super converter, I use the lite pipe to send it to my RME ray-dat. I eliminate the noise of the HDD fans by not pushing the disks to the limit. Bye-bye to the fan noise.


The setup is very easy with logic pro 9 via the ray dat. It's plug and play. I didn't even need the user's manual. If you need several tracks, I love the Logic pro setup, it's better than Sonar where everything is more complicated.


Very transparent. I couple everything with a Vintech x73i preamp or the Tl Audio Dual Pentode or the Neve Portico 5016.


I would buy it again, for the time being, since I don't have the money to get the same amount of tracks with Apogee quality.