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Arts en Scène 09/19/2003

Fostex D2424LV : Arts en Scène's user review


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Connectors: 24 IN jacks in symtriques + 24 OUT jacks symtriques, 24/24 in ADAT, MIDI
Sampling up 24bits/96Khz
Support: Standard IDE + 1 free bay for another drive or SCSI or IDE DVD-RAM, SCSI-2 (but hard drives for backup WAVE 2GB limits ...)
Synchro: Word Clock, MIDI
Up to 24 tracks for reading and 24 tracks simultaneously recording! Plus 32 virtual tracks.


The manual is in English, but clear enough plutt pais.
Registration is very simple, there's that arm the tracks and start recording, for the functions of a ditions is complicated a little with the prsence a few too many diff combinations Annuities: it must function according to juggle Cut, Move, or Delete from Clipboard In / Out, Edit Start, Edit End, Auto Punch In and Out, and it's not a logical forcment empty at first but with the manual at hand is fast balls collage ... The edition also requires arming recording the tracks where it occurs, as some o the risks LGERS APRS opration of the record over without blunder.
The transport is efficient, self-punch also gnral menu is comprehensive and clear, and the system of Undo is carrment glove! Just tell her what time back in the opration, without counting the opration couraging since.


No effects, no problem ;-)
Remarkable: what comes is what comes out, no noticeable color, but I am not specialist in.


3 months of use and (almost) that happiness!
I had an AKAI DPS16 j'apprcie before and although the sr 24 tracks simultaneous recording, for 24 against the force output tracks have a big console derrire ...
The big + if you mix on computer: network card, not fast but so much easier than lugging hard drives or fiddling with the SCSI ... SCSI also rather inefficient with a hard drive, which will automatically limit 1.8 GB or 2GB for backup to WAV; prfrez a ZIP.
Problem also: the machine ... ... Sometimes crashes. Never running "critical" (ernregistrement), but sometimes changing project and especially in FTP.
Another thing: after-sales service is assured Fostex Sennheiser in France, I am all at Headquarters Ivry and they are really bad trs, at least on this machine.