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didiquette 06/20/2008

Fostex D90 : didiquette's user review


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Like its little brother the D80 with more time to record this machine is a marvel! Never any problems in fact inside the magneto is almost empty desert .. and in fact with the basics! and reliable 200 percent!


We must get into the idea that with 3 or 4 d80/90/160 Fostex etc ... you have a true multitrack with an input / output channel strip "physical" with faders, rotary knobs effects sends, etc. ... "The whole computer" with the mouse that drive all these people ended up being depressing! the must is the mixture of computer mouse click virtual instruments etc. .... with the beautiful console that gets 6 to 8 outputs for the drums and bass and other acoustic guitars équalisées "fingers"! I manage several personal with FOSTEX Cubase SX3 safely and out of the maximum audio pc! .. fun.


Converters / effects / dynamic nothing to throw away!


My choice! I was working as a long time! attention having tested other config. (should not die idiot!) but this method is interesting for several reasons, it allows a beginner (even with the Louis Lumière school!) to understand the sound / acoustics / the path of a sound in a console / mixer and etc. .. and keep the physical side say touchscreen machines, I think we will come back sooner or later!
Needless to say I have several decades of work and passion!
By the way if need advice! please send me a mail!