B.corde Elyone 150
B.corde Elyone 150

Elyone 150, Dual-Channel Power Amp from B.corde.

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Lolo 37 04/18/2005

B.corde Elyone 150 : Lolo 37's user review


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I use one for 10 years in a row elyon 150 100V (with transformer) it works every weekend from June to September in sometimes appalling conditions for the poor amp! The only failure I had in 10 years is the pair of output transistors, which dropped after a poor use (this year) 6 euro fee on all this time it's not the end of the world I ' also uses a dagon and elyon 800 220 220w runs the evening about 30 times a year (often at the max of its abilities) for 6 years: one failed due to a fall, two re-solder the output transistors. I had no amp parallel range at the same price and they joined the paradise of the amp! For me it's the hardware reliable, easy to troubleshoot and affordable