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fred dark 11/15/2005

Crest Audio CPX 1500 : fred dark's user review


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I purchased this amp about a year there, all I can say is it hard for 300 watts into 8ohms.
I couple with two home HD102 Fenton (AS10x super tweeter and 25cm diffraction selenium ST324) and two subwoofers in the same brand (AS15x 38 cm), adcape not bad, it heats almost not, is very stable, never a break at home or at night (the fear of all dj) it is fitted filter high pass and low pass, it Paut be coupled to another unit from the m my range without adding an active filter it has a security being protected for your speakers in your passion of the god Dcibel (a limit case) but it is disconnected with a simple push the back of the amp.
Most long-term power handling, low-impact, mdiums of clear, crystal clear treble (but must be measured with a table under penalty of having acute screaming piezo type), fairly quiet fan (good for monitoring the RVer should not you hear) and 300 watts into 8ohms true, the price 449 euros (it's cheaper than some amps boost crap) and finally, Speakon neutrick home (class)
The - the record in English (translated quite boring), deprecated a subwoofer with a quip 18pouces (46 cm) is rather soft, the connections (when you know it's not English difficult to know what are all taken), the mouth a little DMOD (good but the main is inside), weight (25 kg right even if you dplacez 10 Congratulations once you can have the same dplacer 250 kg weight as a bag of cement, good training for the masonry behind)
The (Yeah it is but could be better) a notice in French, a cheap recycled paper and imagine the happy air of small dj franais who buy this amp.