Audio-Technica AE4100

AE4100, Dynamic Microphone from Audio-Technica.

marc IV 11/25/2014

Audio-Technica AE4100 : marc IV's user review

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dynamic vocal microphone Cardioid Hand !! here is more info on the website of


I use this mic intensively "live" since August First 2014.Tout while I sonorisais a punk festival / a toronto hardcore group (Silverstein) changes all the vocal mics without my knowledge and puts this famous AE4100. Line-check gooooo and the show starts and the first words / scream singer smack !!! but that it happens to you ??? After three songs the mix I placed façade makes me well aware that the microphones were not those of the festival (sm58) .The presence of this microphone is quite amazing, no capricious as to feedback (AKG D5, E935, B58a) brief like this road before with the voice !! since me and the AE4100 we are boyfriend or rather partenaire.Je sticks to any kind of voice without ever having a bad surprise.Je believe that we are now a team !! one small default I noticed is its sound insulation manipulation but all rule with a low cut 100Hz.Pour plosives and sssssiflantes everything is well balanced with a frequency response well adapted for concerts.En studio I test soon with a metal voice I will edit a time and place !! I recommend this mic handily for both the soft and subtle music rock strong and energetic !! good test MA