Audio-Technica AE4100

AE4100, Dynamic Microphone from Audio-Technica.


Audio-Technica AE4100 : Anonymous 's user review

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*Microphones are very subjective. Some microphones that work for some brilliantly may be disastrous on others. It is therefore important to understand the context in which this review is written and take it with a grain of salt, like all reviews on microphones should be treated.*

The AE4100 is a cardioid dynamic microphone which has a sound I can only describe as "sizzle." It feels, looks, and most of all, SOUNDS absolutely hot! Audio-Technica says this microphone has a frequency response from 90-18,000Hz, and what I hear confirms that. The microphone, once again, has an unbelievable hotness to its sound. It feels like when you sing into it, the sound rushes out of the speakers, as if it just couldn't wait. This hyperactive vibe is further complimented by an unexpected fullness and smoothness that one would certainly not expect after reading my description of the microphone being "hot."

The microphone also is excessively comfortable to sing into; while it rejects outside sources very well due to its tight pickup pattern, it seems to still find your voice wherever you are around the microphone. That's not to say it's magic; you do have to have some degree of microphone technique, as with every microphone, but the AE4100 seems to be simultaneously forgiving, and flattering.

They also seem to be completely impervious to popping.

I am blown away by this microphone.


The AE4100 is expensive, but when you consider all of the competition it, in my opinion, absolutely obliterates, the AE4100 is the queen of my stage dynamic heart. I don't do personal live shows yet. I only do studio work, and I don't do individual live shows yet (only groups), so I own cheaper stage dynamics simply because I can afford them. However, if I come into money, or end up doing more live shows on my own, I may have to invest in a quality stage microphone. This is up there on that list.