Audio-Technica MB2k

MB2k, Dynamic Microphone from Audio-Technica.

Crabe05 10/13/2011

Audio-Technica MB2k : Crabe05's user review

«  A very good micro »

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Audience: Advanced Users
cf: the above characteristics.
I would add however, that the microphone is placed in "Micro Instrument" even though it actually has a clear versatility!


Initially, I used to sound to my grand piano. It was a bit of a makeshift sound but I was very surprised by the response of the system.
After having too lazy to buy another micro (and with a small hole in my wallet), I used it for something else: voices, instruments, amps, battery even a little ... And I have never been disappointed!
I use it for a year now, and the only fault of sound I've seen her due to pre-amps in my mixing desk (meaning that with a good pre-amp, the sound is absolutely perfect ).
Without going to say that all microphones have to be like that, I would simply say that your instrument and your amp, it's really ideal.
Anyway, it's the Audio-Technica, ie the pro gear, and frankly for the micro (like its cousins ​​in the series Midnight Blue), spend a ridiculous amount (compared with "good" mics on the market) is a bargain.
I would do it chosen without a heartbeat.