moosers 03/19/2009

Audix D2 : moosers's user review


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The Audix D2 is a dynamic microphone that is suited for both use in the recording studio and in live situations. I have only used this in the studio, but because of how small and inexpensive it is, it also makes it a great option for micing drums on stage. The D2 has a polar pattern of hyper cardioid.


I've been using the Audix D2 dynamic mic for about four years and have found it to be a serviceable microphone. The only thing I have used this for is recording tom tom drums, and it has excelled in this situation. The size of the D2 makes it perfect to place on tom tom drums as you can place it right over the drum without it getting in the drummers way in any way. The sound quality of the D2 is adequate for this situation, and while it won't blow you away, it picks up the drums great as it is made to pick up things like tom tom drums. I would compare the Audix D2 to the other Audix mics of its kind - the D3 and D4. This series of mics are great at what they do, but don't excel too much beyond what they are best at. You could also probably record electric guitar well with the D2, but it definitely wouldn't be my first choice. The price of the Audix D2 makes it a viable option for both home studio owners and professionals alike, and I have seen it used in both situations. The price tag is really one of the best things about this mic as you can pick up a few of these if you wanted for a dirt cheap price. While there are mics that I would rather use on tom tom drums, like a Sennhesier MD 421 or a Shure SM 57, the Audix D2 does the job as well.