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moosers 03/09/2010

Audix F10 : moosers's user review


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The Audix F10 is a dynamic microphones ideal for use in both the recording studio and on the stage. It is designed for use on drums and percussion, which is the only application that I've used the mic for, so I can only speak about this application. The mic will only pick up frequencies between 50 Hz and 12 kHz, so it definitely has a limited capability. It is however specifically designed to pick up this mid range sound very well. It has a standard cardioid polar pick up pattern and doesn't have any pad or filter.


I have used the Audix F10 in the recording studio only, but I do feel that this gives me a pretty good idea of what the mic truly sounds like. I've used it to record both snare drum and tom tom drums, which are the main recommended uses for the F10. It can really only be used for recording instruments like this that have a lot of mid range presence, as it simply doesn't pick up frequencies very low or very high. It is however, very good at picking up these mid range frequencies, as I was very pleased with the sound that I was able to get for both snare and tom drums. The mic is pretty inexpensive in general, as you can find them now for a very good price if you look hard enough. While the F10 isn't the most versatile mic in the world, if you're looking for something solely for recording drums and hand percussion, or for something to use for live sound, the F10 will definitely get the job done. Audix is known for making some great, inexpensive drum microphones, so mics like the F10 are really their forte. While this microphone would not be my first choice for recording on any drum, as I don't like it as much as a Shure SM57, it is still a very solid microphone at a good price for recording mid range drums...