Beyerdynamic M 88 N
Beyerdynamic M 88 N

M 88 N, Dynamic Microphone from Beyerdynamic in the M series.

berl 05/21/2012

Beyerdynamic M 88 N : berl's user review

«  Gentle, soft, precision ... »

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Dynamyque microphone directivity hyper-cardioid.
Wide frequency response: 30 to 20,000 Hz
(Only the MD441 is better, I think)
Use: voice, percussion intruments and serious low back / bass.


I discovered this mic in 2010, on a sheet at the request of an accordion, as micro melody. It surprised me (the mic, and accordionist as well!) By the beauty of her medium which I loved: the accordion is an instrument very difficult to add sound (NB: an accordion, it only plays that the musette. I have nothing against the musette personally, but it's not my style).
I have used many microphones for the right hand of the accordion, and I thought I had found the right microphone with the Beta56, until it meets the M88. Gentle, soft, precision, this is how I define it, and I was not at my surprise!
One Saturday I put one of my M88 before a bomb (thank you to the stranger who had made this request on an old sheet!) And what a surprise! I repeat: smooth, soft, precision ... here we rediscover the instrument without having to play EQ like crazy ;-)
Small problem: For my part I bought secondhand old M88, and they were wired DIN plugs to lock. As the manipulation was simple and nondestructive, I replaced these ancient DIN Tuchel by XLR ... It is much easier on stage!