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George Moore III 09/28/2016

Blue Microphones BALL : George Moore III's user review

« I collect these mics. Have three. »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
A phantom powered dynamic mic? Yup. This was Blue's first attempt at phantom powered dynamic mics, and the first in the world at the time. When this mic was discontinued, Blue went on to make the Encore phantom powered series. I'm not a fan of their Encore mics. There's something special about the Blue Ball.

I use mine with my ringer shockmount for my burlesque shows, sometimes I sing with them. It's a dynamic mic with condenser features, most noticeably, detail in voice. It catches the minor details of the mids and bass of your voice. Highs are comparable to an SM-58. If the highs had as much detail at the lows, then it would get five stars.

It does take some patience when setting this mic up with a PA. It's sensitivity can jolt you with feedback if you're unaware of how high the built in preamp is.

They're hard to come by nowadays. Guitarcenter will sell them for dirt cheap whenever they get them in stock. Ebay is $40-$160.

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