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moosers 05/27/2010

CAD TM211 : moosers's user review


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The CAD TM211 is a dynamic microphone that is designed for recording tom tom drums. The mic is only available in one of CAD's drum packs, although I'm not sure exactly which ones they are available in. The mic has a cardioid polar pick up pattern, which a frequency response in between 90 Hz and 13 kHz, which is pretty limited. The mic has a built on clip, making it extremely easy to place on tom toms or other drums.


The place where I used the CAD TM211 had purchased the CAD drum pack that this comes with, but at the time I was only using this particular mic in tandem with a slew of other microphones from other brands to round out recording the drum kit. I've also used the snare and kick drum mics in this pack as well, which I should say that I liked better than the TM211. The idea of a drum pack to me isn't the best way to go when it comes to choosing drum mics, but the CAD pack is definitely better than most of them that I've seen. As for the TM211, I think it's probably the least impressive sounding mic in the pack that it came with. It can't be used to record anything other than tom tom drums as the frequency response is too limited to pick up lower end or higher end sounds. While it does an okay enough job of picking up tom toms, it wouldn't be my first choice, or even second choice, under any circumstances. Although buying the full drum pack with the TM211 is pretty inexpensive, it certainly isn't worth it for the TM211. In fact, if you're looking to really put together a good set of drum mics, I'd recommend straying away from the CAD TM211 and the drum pack it comes with...