Peavey PVM 22
Peavey PVM 22

PVM 22, Dynamic Microphone from Peavey in the PVM series.

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mrjason 12/29/2012

Peavey PVM 22 : mrjason's user review

« sounds like the SM58 (vocals) »

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The Peavey PVM22 is a dynamic vocal microphone that is priced well. It is great with reducing feedback and giving you a consistent sound during a live show. It feels pretty good in your hand, and is light enough to hold for long periods of time if needed. It is made to be used with instruments as well, it is better than the SM58 by Shure because of its ability to give your instruments (non electronic) a great sound. The vocal capabilities between the PVM22 and the Shure SM58 sound almost the same to me; the prices are a little different though. But if you want a better all around sounding microphone I say go with the PVM22 because you will have something that will sound great on stage and in a studio with almost anything you put in front of it.


I have been using this microphone for a while because my school owns a few of these and we used to use them all of the time with different instruments and for different things. The frequency response is 50hz – 16kHz which is pretty standard for a microphone that can handle vocals and instruments.
The look of it is pretty fresh and clean, giving you a black paint finish. It comes with an adapter for your microphone stand and a carrying pouch. This microphone is also pretty small in diameter and in length giving it a great feel in your hand. It can get slipper though because if you hand sweats the rubber finish on it also gets slick, which is something to think about before purchasing this microphone. It gave me trouble in class a few times and I would also be scared thinking it was going to slip out of my hand. Especially if you a performer and move around a lot on stage.