victormelamade 10/19/2008

Samson Technologies Q8 : victormelamade's user review


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This mic is basically a Shure SM58 clone, so it should be cheaper than an SM58. But for some reason it's not! Samson usually has amazing value for their very cheap products. This mic has all very similar features to the SM58. It even looks very similar. It is a pretty rugged and heavy mic, so this will do just fine on stage even if it gets knocked over. There is a heavy grill on it with a built in pop filter. It's a dynamic mic with a cardioid pickup which is very well suited to for live vocals. There's a lot of side and back rejection which helps get more clarity in the vocals and helps it to cut through the band instruments. You have to connect this mic with XLR. This mic has a weirdly high output, which is a nice feature when you're playing live and you tend to have some long cable runs. That fact will help it resist any electrical noise. The capsule inside seems to be shock-mounted to help reduce any noise you get from holding it instead of leaving it on the stand.


I used this a couple times when I was out gigging. The venue I played at had a few of these in lieu of SM58's. Honestly, I am very surprised at Samson about this mic. It sounds worse than the SM58, it is not as detailed and present. Yet it isn't about 1/3 of the price as most Samson clone products are. The mic really isn't that good sounding, and for the money you are definitely better off just getting a Shure SM58. There are also a bunch of mics made by Sennheiser that serve the same purpose for about the same or less money. Not a great value, I wouldn't get it.