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blaez_minkoff 11/21/2011

Sennheiser BF 504 : blaez_minkoff's user review

«  A must »

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Dynamic microphone for percussion (tom, snare drum).
This is the old version of E604 him even replaced by the E904.
I never found the data sheet but compared with the E604 I possde also I think the bf504 down below, which means that on a floor tom, s o the E604 shows the limits bf504 is still appropriate.


Like the E604, it is extremely durable and virtually indestructible.
Excellent on the toms alto & medium lacking a bit of slamming on the snare I got. The Systm clamp that clip-on ft and very practical and helps avoid a foot high around the battery.
I possde 3 and E604, are microphones that I would never replace. A must like the SM57.