Shure Lyric 8700
Shure Lyric 8700

Lyric 8700, Dynamic Microphone from Shure.

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le_kornichon 04/25/2009

Shure Lyric 8700 : le_kornichon's user review


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Dynamic vocal microphone for scne, or rather for rptition in garage when not afford it. XLR connector, a cable with XLR / Jack, he has an ON / OFF button. And that's all.
8 becaufe I put no more in demand, from a cable XLR / XLR, and a little foam in the cardboard box, rather than a plastic bag bubbles.


I've had about two months, it has a very solid look and PSE weight, not like many other mics in the same price range (35 euros) plastic fake.
I tried other mics of all kinds (Beyer M88, Sennheiser MD22 and MKH416) but not in this price range. So a micro rotten, but it was better not expect, the bass is absent, serious as a small bump in the medium and treble that spit.

Good only grow when you do not care about the quality of sound, but for this application, behringer low-end are as good for less money with a briefcase ...

I do not have that choice would do.

Even when I put 3 becaufe the sound is clear (although ugly) and it does not blow too.
I compared this to the SM58 microphone (not that I like ADI) and I find the sound quite similar, but slightly more nasal and dsagrable in the treble. on the other hand, in terms of handling noise is the day and night! While SM58 cash well, the 8700 can not stand being touched, otherwise boomboom in the ears up essential ...

I compared a micro supemarch Phillips (all plastic, with welded cable jack. This is the same! Can not DTECT any diffrence in the microphone, in noise manipulation, or in the directivity. So that Phillips uses Shure capsules, may be that the two will provide in a Chinese specialist in capsules Go supermarket, I put 2 / 10 because now I have Oktava MK012, it gives an ide of what a micro ...

It's been a while since I sold this microphone! Now I have Oktava (MK012, MK102, MK103, MK319) and the ending for the Sennheiser Audix, and I will never touch these mics animation camping!