Shure SM48-LC
Shure SM48-LC
sw80 12/16/2012

Shure SM48-LC : sw80's user review

« Do not buy »

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The SM48LC has a cardioid pickup pattern that is suppose to only pick up what you are recording and not pick up external noises and sounds. It does not do that very well, so when recording with it you will need to make sure that you are in a completely quiet room or you will hear everything that is going on around you in your recordings. This microphone is geared more toward someone with a very small budget and wants to record vocals at home. But honestly you are better off getting a cheap USB microphone, it will be about the same price and it will be more portable than this is.


After you purchase the SM48LC you will also get a carrying bag and a stand adapter. There is no pop filter needed because it has one built into it. That is about the only positive thing I can say about this microphone is that it does a good job with the popping sounds. The overall quality of your recording will not be bad as long as your environment around you is quiet.
With this microphone being the price that it is, you mine as well spend 10 more bucks and get a better microphone from Shure. This microphone let me down way too many times and I am not very happy with it. I was using it a long while ago probably back in 2005 but it was a horrible microphone then and it still is. If you are going to record where you live there really is no way you can stop the sounds around you like other people in the house and street noises. You will have to have a completely quiet room to work with this microphone. I do not recommend it unless you live in a quiet box! Spend a little more money and at least get something that you will be happy with and work no matter what your recording conditions are.