Requisite L2M
Requisite L2M

L2M, Dynamic Processor from Requisite.

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moosers 05/13/2010

Requisite L2M : moosers's user review


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The Requisite L2M is a stereo mastering limiter, that can be used in all desired situations including mixing, tracking, and mastering. This is made up of all analog parts and is also all tube based. The L2M is based on the classic LA-2A and like the LA-2A it is an optical compressor. This however has a much more in depth make up than the LA-2A. It is rack mountable and it will take up three rack spaces in a traditional casing.


The configuration of the Requisite L2M is fairly complex for a limiter, but this is one of the best things about it as it really allows you to account for every detail in your sound and offers up a plethora of helpful options. The main parameters on each of the two channels includes those for output level, peak reduction/expansion, response curve, and expansion range. In then has a bunch of switches for bypass, level range, mode (limit or expand), ratio (10:1 or 3:1), VU meter, and then power and linking. There are VU meters for each of the channels that will show either output level or reduction/expansion. The manual is probably a good thing to have around, but I haven't seen it.


The sound of the Requisite L2M makes it one of the best sounding limiter that I've ever had the pleasure of using. Since it designed for mastering, it is designed to be incredibly specific and precise. While I've only used it for mastering a few tracks, it sounds incredible for both mastering or mixing. It will work well with whatever application you want to use it for, as it has the versatility to adapt to any situation...


The Requisite L2M is just about as good as a piece of gear can be. All of it's parts are top quality and since this is a smaller company they have decided to make less products than most other companies, but make them at an extremely high quality for professionals looking for the best gear that they can get, regardless of the price. If you ever get the chance to use the L2M it will most likely be in a mastering setting, but any way you get to use the L2M will be worth doing it as it will undoubtedly be a good experience for all engineers.