Requisite L2M
Requisite L2M

L2M, Dynamic Processor from Requisite.

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theaudioandvideoguy 03/20/2012

Requisite L2M : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« takes up alot of space »

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The Requisite L2m is a pretty good limiter for you to master with. Its actually pretty old and has been around for a while. There really isn’t much of a need for it anymore its big and bulky. There are a ton of limiters in software that work better than this does now. But some people still love their hardware!


The Requisite L2m can really bring your master to a great quality and push all of your levels. Unfortunately as I stated before this thing is huge and takes up a lot of your rack spaces. I have used this on my workstation years ago, and I remember how big it was! The learning curve for this is only a few days, could be shorter if you read the manual which is very easy to understand for such a complex piece of hardware. You can really tweak your master with this unit though, change your ratio’s and peak out at 0 decibels and you will be good to go with a high quality master.


The sound quality of it is great, you wont find many limiters around that can bring you this quality of sound. You will really like it, I have used it mastering about 25 to 30 tracks and they all have come out great and have go great feedback on them. I kinda wish that I didn’t sell it years ago. But I just didn’t have the space for it anymore because I record at home and there just isn’t room for it unless I was just going to sit it on a table or something.


Overall, this gear will work great for you. But I wouldn’t get it in today’s world with all of the software on the market. Believe me I am a old school guy, I love hardware a lot and still own a lot of hardware. But if I can clean up some space by getting rid of big rack able units I will. This just happened to be one piece that had to go. But to anyone looking to get it, don’t let me push you away, you will love the Requisite L2m It will really bring your songs to life and make them sound BIG! If you have the space go for it!