TC Electronic Finalizer 96K
TC Electronic Finalizer 96K

Finalizer 96K, Dynamic Processor from TC Electronic.

Rj_4000 12/15/2011

TC Electronic Finalizer 96K : Rj_4000's user review


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It is a device mastering numrique Stereo (96kHz) 3 bands of frequencies.

Effects available:
1. Inserts:
Enlargement / rtrcissement image Stereo 3-band
"Drive" numrique
Dynamic EQ
2. Normalizer
3. 3-band expander
4. 3-band compressor
5. 3-band limiter
Dither + ...

No publisher PC (unfortunately! When will Ethernet version?)

Connections rather complte:
- Numrique by SPDIF or AES or ADAT (for output is not "or" but "and")
+ MIDI / clock (In only)
+ Jack "master fader" external (optional and expensive)


The config is it simple?
Ben uh ... It is possible and I understand what I do.
Not bad dj!

The edition is relatively comfortable.

Warning: since the first el Tajo is a normalizer, the output level remains almost constant.
The output level is adjustable, although sr via the front controls, but it's not very practical.
That's why they offer an optional "master fader" external.

That said, when, like me, it is placed as an insert on the master table, this is not a problem: there is always the master knob APRS Finalizer ...
But even to know when ...


The effects are effective, it has sr!
A mix of full Live is a formidable efficiency.

NB: I use it as an insert in AES IN / OUT of the master output of my DM1000


I've had a little over a year.

It's impressive efficiency.
At the point that it is hard to do without.

Well, me is to compress a full mix of good rock that kills, but I know others who use it to "out" a voice of lead or other variation on ...
The variation of Stereo 3-band image allows thunderous things too.

I would do if this choice?
You do not have one for sale? I'm looking for a second!