TC Electronic Finalizer
TC Electronic Finalizer

Finalizer, Dynamic Processor from TC Electronic.

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voicetrack 05/18/2008

TC Electronic Finalizer : voicetrack's user review


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The finalizer is a compressor / Expender / digital multiband limiting (3 bands) that can act individuelemen on bass, mids or treble. It has five floors:

- The entry with level control, source type (analog, AES, 44.1/32/48 etc ...) and an adjustable highpass cutoff at.

- A parametric 5-band equalizer totalemen with a gain setting

- Treatment or there is a choice between a de-esser, an expander / retrecisseur field stereo generator armonica

- With a normalizer SoftClip to optimize the sound level as a kind of gain (one more), but this faith it with a system of ridges planing (saves a few db in the ridges diminuan superflux without saturation can be heard)

- A gate / Expender on three frequency bands with all the settings found on a Expender / gate worthy of the name (atack / release / level / hold etc. ...) but the bass / mid / high ( allows for example to remove a bit of breath in pain without affecting the rest of the spectrum or a mix too legeremen decompress compressed)

- A 3-band compressor with additional égalemen usual settings (but pushed), get the possibility to increase the detection mode level between peak and average according to the given that we want to get (going from a compressed natural a more aggressive compression of sorts) was egalemen a gain setting for each band and an overall gain.

- 3-band limiter with the usual adjustments and soft-clip that allows more of the limiter, type in the 0db without saturation audible (but must not abuse even quan)

- The output stage where you choose the format, with a final quentification gain and an automatic generator fade-in/out adjustable.

You can set the crossover frequency of 2 to choose the width of the bands third treatment.

then a part tools for adding information on the digital signal, it was also a phase meters, the level display for each floor, a cretemetre ...


This is the TC and feel goes with the individual settings for frequency parameters of the compressor / limiter / expendeur are adjustable together or individuelemen or both.

The machine is complete and EXTREMELY équivaud a rack analog of at least 10u forcémen So, it's pretty, but TC has provided a variety of tricks to make handling more logical and simple, not to mention the factory preset adapted to different uses (generalemen quite interesting, they also form the basis peutvent the ON to if necessary) there is the famous Wizard function that provides automatic analysis of the level, three types of sound reproduction, three types of cuts and some presets that are interesting equa egalemen DIRECTLY used or that can be refined.

the display is quite nice and the use of the machine with the usual super intuitive.

I finally put 9 because I do not like the automatic compensation level based on the threshold of compression because I think it is misleading (but that is just details and just think to lower the level accordingly ).


Efficacitée The machine is quite surprising and can be optimized incroyablemen saturated gain without and staying fairly neutral or a mix carrémen boost by Rendan very punchy even very aggressive.
The finalizer is a tool as very useful for sampling because it is used to calibrate all the drumkits and samples, if we add to this the qualitée converters, it redoutablemen become indispensable.

The gate / expend vraimen are coming good and same to be forgotten.

The Finalizer can solve many problems of dynamics without distorting the sound (although this may result in any distortion)


Of course there are the new versions and 24bit 96khz but the machine is efficient sacraments whether a perspective qualitée sound or use (I find it more ergonomic that different plugs that I used) .

multiband compression therapy is not simple (and can also do great damage when doing anything) but the Wizard system allows a treatment based on a preset with an automatic optimization of the level which makes the machine usable someone inexperienced can be a version of the Finalizer Express but with many functions).

I used it for several years and difficilemen could do without either for sampling or pre mastering mastering but I went to TC DBmax which is the Broadcast version.

I now have a Powercore with MasterX5 but I find that if the treatment is the EXCELLENT X5, 3-band rack version goes much further because we have access to more parameters.
This machine also allowed me to ratraper recordings unusable or causing to obtain surprising results Rendan unrecognizable in a good old 808 just such jouan the gate and cuts. The machine can auptimiser sound with a more natural and made with a very faithful rendition of a few while Gagnan Rendan DB and the sound less fatiguing or super aggressive or otherwise carrémen flat without modulation of the levels ...

Sometimes I use it to control a sound front, increasing the feeling of power without increasing the DB and without breaking the material deri (in this case, I remove the delay of treatment that is used to anticipate the distortions and I rule accordingly).

If I Devaya aquérir a processor like this, I reselect the Finalizer no problem with ergonomics, and fluiditée efficacitée vraimen of treatment are impressive especially for a digital apareil! That said, I do not loccasion hours to compare it to its new home real direct competitor or the DBX Drawmer (much more expensive but very interesting certainemen). In any case, I have tested plug in me quite disappointed.

FYI, the unit was sold more than 17000F00 (over 2500euros) excluding tax in 98!