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How 2 better use of the PatchMix DSP features of the 1212m/0202 Crds



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1 Posted on 06/18/2009 at 12:58:22
Hi to any and all,

Please help me to better understand the flow of any or all of the following...that I can further teach myself to use the PatchMix DSP features of the 1212m/0202 Crds.
  1. "Send" Inserts in a Strip will be sent via the Aux1- of THAT strip.  If this is correct, how/when is the Aux2 used?  If this is NOT correct, when are the Aux1/Aux2 of a strip used?
  2. I assume the Aux1/Aux2 of a strip flow thru the Aux1/Aux2 of the Global Chain.  If so, having a "Send" insert on a strip is being redundant isn't it?  (Because they all have different ASIO "In" ports).  If the Strip Aux's are independent of the global Aux, then why is a global send needed?
  3. What does the Global return do?  When is it needed?
BTW, my MIDI Sequencer is PowerTracks Pro 12 for Windows (PTP).  It works nicely with the Patchmix SW but-, I really don't know how to customize Patchmix w/o understanding the Aux use.  Thanks to any and  all who contribute.
-Mo Buc "...and 'Everyday-life' changes, Sets get re-arranges, and ALL the players change costumes...", "New Day" by Geo Benson (quote is Shakespear par-phrase)
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