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ebode IR Link Series

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BMB Electronics announced that the new ebode IR Link Series is now in stock in both its Dutch HQ and UK warehouses.


The new ebode proprietary eIR2xTM (pronounce Irex) Technology is designed to “guarantee a high level of immunity from InfraRed interference from common problems direct sunlight, CFL lighting and Flat Panel TV’s (incl Plasma, LCD and LED).”


To start the line there are four kits available now -  with more products ‘in the pipeline’:

IR Link B – Battery Powered

IR Link P – Power Supply

IR Link C – Works via COAX

IR Link Pro – Professional with status and feedback LED



  • Compatible with all data formats including RCMM, RC5/6 and XMP fast codes (as used in the latest remote controls, set-top boxes and media players.)
  • The products contain a filtering circuit to prevent interference from flat screen TV’s and lighting sources.
  • Battery life of up to one year on the IR LINK B due to the ‘sleep’ mode.
  • IR frequency range 30 – 60khz
  • Eup certified power supply for the 2013 low energy directives
  • Available with German (Schuko), UK and Australian plug types (this applies for the models IR LINK P, IR LINK C and IR LINK Pro)


To check out other ebode products, visit www.ebodeelectronics.eu.

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