RoGame ChordLab
RoGame ChordLab

ChordLab, Educative Software from RoGame.

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RoGame ChordLab for Mac OS X

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RoGame, the educational app editor, introduces ChordLab, a Mac OS X software designed for users who want to learn chords and harmony.

ChordLab is a chord dictionary which includes all the common chords as well as inversions and different voicings frequently used in jazz, rock, pop and other music styles. It automatically generates fingerings for the piano and the guitar (a guitar fingerboard is displayed on the screen).

An interactive circle of fifths is also included, it will help you find major and minor key signatures, as well as major modes like dorian, phrygian, etc.


  • Supports all common chords
  • Chord finder finds correct chord descriptions for triads and seventh chords
  • Music notation and textual representation of chord tones
  • American or European chord notation
  • Fingering display for piano and guitar
  • Alternate fingerings for guitar where available
  • Adjustable tuning for guitar instrument
  • Alto, bass, tenor, treble clefs, TAB and grand staff
  • All possible inversions
  • All standard voicings
  • Automatic reduction to 3 or 4 voices 
  • Automatic root and fifth substitution
  • Key signatures for all major modes (circle of fifths)
  • Degree structure in Roman numerals for all major modes (circle of fifths) 
  • High quality guitar and piano samples
  • Arpeggiated playback
  • Support for left-handed players
  • Ready for Retina displays

ChordLab is available on the Mac App Store with a 20% discount until March 15th ($11.99 / 10.99€). Visit for further info.

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