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berl 05/08/2012

Realistic PZM : berl's user review

«  Useful, functional. »

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PZM (pressure zone microphone).
Omnidirectional semi-hemispherical. Made by Tandy (Radio Shack) Crown under license.
Miking coherent avoiding occasions of direct sounds and reflections, generating comb filters.
Electret battery powered, balanced output cable but on a TS. The transformation of the XLR jack makes it easier to use microwave.


I bought a pair of time where there was still Tandy stores in France ... Realistic and these little cheap to me often favor.
Sound recording of meetings, recovery of jazz drums (2 PZM, made very close to the direct sound), and the classic bass drum and cajon recovery.
It was my first PZM and I do not regret having invested in those few (cheap price) although I have since used some other brand more known. We find secondhand from 20 $ 40 ...