Cort Curbow4FL
Cort Curbow4FL

Curbow4FL, Electric Fretless Bass from Cort in the Curbow series.

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otavioreis 10/04/2008

Cort Curbow4FL : otavioreis's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
Low made in Korea

It's a fretless bass with a pretty nice touch and fluid ... She is beautiful
the body is very light and the microphone is a Bartolini
electronics is active, a volume knob, 3 knobs for EQ (which work well) and a switch to slap (which blows a little too much in my opinion)

Given its cheap price, I give him Sept. 1


The handle is very nice .. Access to treble is super easy ..

Ergonomics is good to play after ... If we start on a chair, then it becomes difficult to find a comfortable position ...

It is very light ... This gives a good sound easy, but it goes very very far from a jazz bass fretless ....

Slap the button to add bcp breath in my opinion ...

But I give it a 9 because at that price, it is doing quite well ...


Well, I have a Warwick ... I like it, but for some songs she was too aggressive ... she began to immediately ... So I bought a Squier Fretless Vintage and that seeking a little more versatility in my recordings without having to spend a fortune ...

The Curbow Fretless has a well on fretless, but on its own ... It provides setting options to find different sounds. I play with your fingers .. If not slap ... I never use a pick.


I've had 15 days ... I find that having bought other basses like the Squier Fretless and allowed me to open my ears to other possibilities of sound. My creativity has increased with this bass ... I think she spends away from the sound of Pastorius ... I think that's because I like quality not bcp imitate the sound of others.

I'm not sure that choice again, but it has a price / quality ratio right ...