Cort Curbow4FL
Cort Curbow4FL

Curbow4FL, Electric Fretless Bass from Cort in the Curbow series.

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Cort Curbow4FL : Anonymous 's user review


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Low made in Korea it seems to me, or in the corner, because just the Cort
Finally, I think ..!
So c a fretless with a touch of ebonol good, very nice, fluid, beautiful.
luthite the body is a thing nouvo light enough, not bad
the microphone is a Bartolini AMK1-4 / F, there is only one, it's pretty weird
the microphone is great, but it is not very honest, so ask for the thumb, it's not top.
the bridge is an EB10 (4) I find it very well.
electronics is active, a volume knob, a 3-band equalizer and a super-efficient switch for the slap, which I do not use much since I changed my strings.


Handle very nice, fast, jle is great.
access to the last fret super easy with the mini horn.
Ergonomics not great, because it is to play cho sitting because of this little horn. moreover, it is not super balanced.
but the sound is fretless, upright quickly gives her a very nice (well for the price ^ ^)


I play rock inspired by the great or as Pastorius Manring, my bass suits me very well.


I use this bass for 2 months, she's fine with me, I find it very beautiful, very graphic even though it may disgust them qqs.
value for money very good.
I think this choice again
I forgot, provided the strings are round nets that line the handle fast enough
So it takes more to buy nets 30E flat or semi flat