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MGR/Anonymous 09/08/2004

Peavey Cirrus 5 Fretless : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I am buying this bass at my local peavey dealer it is costing me a full 1600 dollars for the redwood finish.

Plays wonderfully compets with every other fender rickenbacker warwick or stingray and beats them this is the only bass that can match the recent legendary Fender Hot-Rodded American P-bass i have one of both now the action is sweet the sound is killer looks are magnificent neck-through string through active electronics strap locks play one and you will understand.

the only problem is the 6 month waiting period on the bass it must be hand built buy order.

I haven't done harder testing because i have to wait six-months to get it but from what i can see it should be good

If you want a expensive high class bass the will make you shake just by hearing the name buy this if not go with somthing else. and if you want to buy this you need to be dedicated you don't want to buy it then six months later when you get it realize you hate playing bass.

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