Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless

Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless, Electric Fretless Bass from Squier in the Jazz Bass series.

Raf in NJ 10/22/2007

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless : Raf in NJ's user review


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The main features have already been given.
A priori in this price range materials are not demented but honorable.
I will also rant on the ropes nets round home clawing down
-> A change to the net flat!


I find the neck very comfortable, well balanced bass and fun to play standing or sitting. The settings are simple while personal background has it all :-)


The bass has a well rounded and velvety, yet it is not much fishing in the acute (with nets dishes I precise). I think it will not fit a fan of slap given its lack of slamming, but for use in a pop-rock style it suits me well.


I chose this bass for me to have the fretless, I fell for its looks and because my level was low and the time I spend, I was not seeking a high-end instruments.
I do not slapper and plays mostly finger-style pop-rock and in this use it quite suits me. I recommend it for those who want to try a fretless lower cost for most pros that might not be just a hair ...