Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless

Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless, Electric Fretless Bass from Squier in the Jazz Bass series.

mat_la_mort 04/16/2007

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless : mat_la_mort's user review


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Country of manufacture: no ide
Manche Jazz Bass stocky, affects Bonoli, 20 "boxes" with drawings of the frets (we like it or not, I am a lousy but have to admit that it was through that I could ds playing the first day).
Agathis body

2 single-coil Jazz pickups Duncan Designed JB101

3 rglages (1 micro volume, 1 Tone general)

The bass is vintage, it sr. Down in a little cheap Bonoli when comparing a key by bne, but hey, the price is not the same either, I suppose. The strings are round net provided that damage (scratch) the button fast enough. I have to exchange the strings mesh dish. The finish is good for trs this price range and has bte of the mouth, even if I'm not a fan of her look.


The handle, well it's a round of Bass, adpend tastes, but I find it enjoyable (not as much as my Marcus Miller Jazz Bass when same;) ). It seems to me lgrement thinner and flatter than that of the Marcus Miller Jazz Bass, but I have not measured.
Access in acute enough boards.
The bass is quite lgre, but I find it great balance. I must say that a low-end strap top, which slides a bit (a lot). Should I try with another strap.


Then the sound. The attack is not straightforward, especially with the string net flat sounding much less crystalline than the original strings. The sound grows in strength as long as the reason for the body moves, like half a second, encouraging play notes rather long (j'vite notes syncope, which is my usual style plutt) . The sound is quite "soft", and the bass SETTING THE authorize a range of its actually quite varied. I confess to not use it enough to have explored all the possibilities.
The lack of punch in the bass appears to me especially compared to my Marcus Miller Jazz Bass (with pramp Sadowsky) forcment is not a photo and affects my apprciate. I use to boost a bit and avoid having to touch the volume of the amp every time I change a bass amp simulator (pdalier GT6-B), has spent much of the blow better.
I play around with on some tracks too pchus (rock pop jazz tone).


I use this bass for 3 or 4 months, I bought it for me put the fretless, I had a limited budget and wanted me to quickly, so I have not taken too time to go round the shops in the region. J'tais party for Cort B4FL, but not on the shelf in my home. So I DCID to the one just by default because my budget and silent limit (paid 390).
It's a good fretless bass to start I think the frets Pictures help just play the ds dpart and even when sound is nice for a low price of this. The lack of punch this bass passive, is especially highlighted by my main bass is active, so I think the problem would be similar to other passive basses.
The ratio quality price is good I think, but I have not had time to test others in the same CATEGORY low price to get an ide.

With exprience, I think my least j'couterais head shots and I test more than MODELS before buying. It's not that I wanted this bass to dpart (I did not know its existence), and here I give an opinion without REFERENCE (trs not helpful: oP).