Yamaha RBX260F
Yamaha RBX260F

RBX260F, Electric Fretless Bass from Yamaha in the RBX series.

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hhub17 07/18/2010

Yamaha RBX260F : hhub17's user review


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Made in Taiwan is marked by little. It is painted black, with leather strap straplocks and a former owner, but not in a holster Because secondhand Cash qquchose.

Bridge: 4 jumpers in a small pipe with adjustable height and distance, seemingly well adjusted to the octave.

Headstock: a guide rope that keeps them in the direction of mechanical "no name" with a good angle to flatten the strings toward the neck at the nut.

Bolt, rosewood fingerboard with frets sanded it feels a little bit by passing the finger along the handle, and you see but also because they are thin copper or bronze, 24 in number, more than Reminders on edge for 3, 5 etc.. "False frets. All this makes the game to start, for someone who has never touched a fretless (my case).

microphones: two small TM brand (I do not know but they work), one for strings, one for the treble. One volume knob, one tone, which effectively regulate the volume and tone gently and gradually.


Handle very pleasant for me, fingers glide or land on the strings and it sounds good.

Easy access to acute despite the heel where the neck screws.

Sitting, standing, she stands well, the balance is good.

The limited number of adjustments had to return it sounds good everywhere.


I just buy the opportunity to play jazz, not wanting to invest much in a real electric bass.

It sounds right, without pretensions, I do not intend to turn into Jaco Pastorius, but we can do a lot of things.

Apparently the strings are not old, it helps for a good sound. As you attack much, it sounds as if not a soft and a little muffled, which I find very well suited to accompany a saxophone and a piano for example, without imposing. The glissandos are a real pleasure, cons if I turn a little too eye of round I play fake, not like with frets where the margin was inside the boxes!

I played on a Fender Rumble TM 100 also bought secondhand, the duo goes together for ease of use: you plug, it sounds, we play!


Bought yesterday, tried yesterday, played an hour or two last night. I had not tried more than two or three stores fretless musical instrument, telling me that I would buy one when I sub. In fact I went to buy something else, but at 120 € listed for a Yamaha, a priori seriousness, I cracked.

What I like most: I wanted a fretless, I got it for cheap!

Value for money without comparison: 120 €, it was a real instrument and not a toy, everything works as it should, it is just (!!!) and quite easy to play.

With experience, I just browse the listings, it was really the right opportunity, the store had more cash thingy his music seller, I think it could affect.