Atrics beatles bass BB 05
Atrics beatles bass BB 05

beatles bass BB 05, 4-string bass guitar from Atrics.

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sgt pepper 08/09/2006

Atrics beatles bass BB 05 : sgt pepper's user review


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This is a copy of Paul's bass (Obviously the Beatles)
The origin is unknown but it comes from the lowlands of China, at best.
It has two pickups with covers mtalliques. 1 volume knob and 3 for each slecteurs for three positions.
Rplique is a cheap and these are the finishes that paytn. The varnish has bav some places, and the handle is made of two pices, stick a dozen centimtres before the head.
Apart from the main default, all is quite Aesthetics, and I have to recognize a certain charm (certainly, too, my admiration for the Fab Four from Liverpool!) There is a photo on my profile. [ b]


Usage is fun, I enjoy playing it. Access in acute is good, but the strings away from the start be run from the 12th box.
This is pretty low equilibrated to play standing, and is a joy ppoids (trslgre).
The sound is what one would expect a lower price first, to play this style of music. Obviously do not esprer slapper with, but what is expected of her, she does it well.
I plugged into an amp 15w low, and no rglage the sound is really nice.


As I have said, this is not a MODEL versatility, but the sound is really correct, and I think it should even be adapted to learn the instrument .
Live in the amp model sounds good, and a Ministudio numrique live, not make it bad either.
I prfre the neck pickup, plus I got soft and round. The combination of the two microphones gnre an output level of its most lev.


I purchased 6 months ago by ebay, through a German merchant, for 150 euros.
Despite the rough finish, the look is a strong argument on this bass.
The bass is not my main instrument, but I had the opportunity to play regularly, for many years on DIFFERENT MODELS.
This exprience made me say that it is dfend not bad, when compared to other models, which dpassent the 200 euros.
I was looking a little low for a long time without prtention to bass lines home, to compose, and other rpter time. It perfectly rponds this ambition, which explains the small budget and I have devoted more of my ct vox amp, I feel back in the legends of 4 Liverpool .......
My rating is therefore not only from my ambitions, a fan of Marcus Miller would perhaps be only 3 / 10 (but he choose to fawn all this low?)