Az By Wsl Guitars R4003 Custom
Az By Wsl Guitars R4003 Custom

R4003 Custom, 4-string bass guitar from Az By Wsl Guitars.

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Llaborderie 08/25/2014

Az By Wsl Guitars R4003 Custom : Llaborderie's user review

«  I'm in love »

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It has already said it all ...
The strings are super long scale: to remember

Warning: thing to do! It will sound a thousand times better by lowering the pickup and tilting the microphones so that Mi is closer magnets that Sol
It can also play on the string height for easier playing fingers (placed his thumb over the end of the handle or turn the plate)


The handle is veeeeeery cool, it is not painted but slides very well, not as big and wide on a P-Bass, a little rounder is ... this is unknown but it works the fire god
Well, as the handle is a highway as the body is also a real bad! No chamfer table (the small cut under his right arm) so it's a little sore wrist, the plate makes the game difficult to fingers and big shots picks (it comes out very easily and it is still as beautiful ), it is very unbalanced (should not drop it or it will take the floor in the face violently) and heavy BUT! who cares he is forgiven everything so it sends the block. If if if.
Acute easily going well, really, it's surprising how you do it quietly!
Takes getting used to but after a few months we jump and running around on stage as before (it is very large so be careful, I almost knocked my guitar)
AAAaaaaahhhhhh ..... sound. THE sound. It's not Rickenbacker is not Fender, Musicman is not, it's not the latest funk bass is ... unknown again and it works even better !!
This is THE BIG SOUND! Put your misery pianist, offer a couch to your drummer, it's great on stage, she is very tolerant little crunch to Motorhead as well as yucky fuzz (fuzz + pickup Behringer three euros = sound orgasm) I ... do not know what to say, it sounds so good! Plugged in, played, complimented!


In psyche hard rock blues,,,, etc it's great! A real treat! There's way to make it sound great in jazz but it's the comfort that discomfort for the funk it's the same problem and the sound is even less suitable
The neck pickup ploque easily but it is very very good, the E and the present through the settings (see above) even with thinner strings
The bridge pickup is monstrous (see above) but the sound is colder
The intermediate position offers a colder and modern sound, much like a harpsichord
Its clear, crunch, fuzz, anything goes!
Hohner small enough to make it sound but a big Ampeg really nirvana with this little woman
I like everything except the use funk, if she accompanies me wherever I want, I take my accuracy when I need that particular sound or comfort to the fingers but that's all


Two years now
Not really ... I fell on the look and the price, I grew up with Made In Japan by Deep Purple so it was a bit of a dream and I was not disappointed at all, on the contrary!
The -: comfort (you get used to and it's the same problem with a true costing 2,000 euros more then I forgive him)
I would do it four times if I am offered, just for the look! If it is impossible to play hang it on the wall!

I am often complimented, it is surprising comfort when you borrow me, it is very easy to ring (put the knobs at noon, connect, adjust a little on the low if fussy, play, have fun) really a great instrument devastating look (red light for me)