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Cort Action
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scrountch 05/29/2005

Cort Action : scrountch's user review


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- "Made in indonesia"
- 24 frets
- Bridge standar
- 2 volumes and 1 micro slcteur
- Handle "c" neither too big nor too late ...


- Enjoyable round ... on the long run it causes cramp
- The last frets are quite accessible
- It is fairly heavy and the shape is not too bad
- Have her get it on Varis ...


- It is "usable" in a lot of style but I rather like Whereas a low drive that low to get out of his exeptional ...
- Have not quite get his or her fat ptants (slap. etc. ..)
- Simpa when it is in mid jou not too low or too high, however, it remains correct in the other sounds


- C'tait my first low: '((nostalgia when you hold us lol)
- This is the best bass that have to find for beginners!
- I have the had offered so I was not tried before to get
- Report qualitprix ... simply unbeatable
- I am proud to have started dessu so yes!