Cort CM Artist series
Cort CM Artist series

CM Artist series, 4-string bass guitar from Cort in the Signature series.

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guacamolfire 03/15/2006

Cort CM Artist series : guacamolfire's user review


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Channel 24 cases through
Active electronics, 2 Bartolini pickups typ mx1

Rglages: Volume, Tone (pav each separately), balance.


Channel super fine, enjoyable trs, trs ACCS Acute ais wholesale trs rgonomie good with the added weight more than friendly (no "tonnage" on the back ...)

Its easily changed; APRS rglage a good amp, the SETTING THE bass is more than effective ..


Sounds quite modern, it compelling but lacking a little warmth, plutt intended percussive styles (good slap in !)... Graves Submitted my taste but not enough so I tend to push a little serious on the mic serious or push the balance toward the latter ... by outstanding against the shim, so little that your strings are new, the sound is amazing ...

Uses a BXR100, the association is INTERESTED and is suitable for most occasions ....


Bought in 1998 for 6000 francs, I find the lev invest a little in terms of existing low today, but the era c'tait not bad at all ...

Low overall trs apprciable but gladly I would replace with a warwick thumb bass 4 .... keep the leaves in second low cort ... nostalgia when you hold us ...