Cort SB70
Cort SB70

SB70, 4-string bass guitar from Cort in the SB series.

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FoOf 05/07/2003

Cort SB70 : FoOf's user review


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I state that I don't want to advertise this bass...but, I swear, finally I found a good bass for a relative low price! Pickup very sensible, it's quite closely to the MusicMan Stingray's sound!!!


Sound is really good, excellent shielding and grounding, no buzzings, it has good treble, it's very efficient but it weighs a little in hand, mechanics are accurate and stables...


I play punk and metal, and it fits perfectly...for pop and rock I think it's even better, good overall sound in all music genres!


Beautiful! Bought and satisfied, I'm super happy! Unfortunately it's quite impossible to find...happy owners good playings! ;)