Epiphone Thunderbird-IV
Epiphone Thunderbird-IV

Thunderbird-IV, 4-string bass guitar from Epiphone in the Thunderbird series.

chicheng 08/29/2004

Epiphone Thunderbird-IV : chicheng's user review


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Manufactured in Asia.
20 frets
2 humbucker.
SETTING THE volume by a microphone, a tone of rglage.
The finish is excellent for a bass this price.
non-active bass.
Book with good quality cover trs. With proper thickness of foam to the bass being protected.


The handle is enjoyable, it is easy to accde acute.
Level ergonomics .... not easy to play sitting down, but we must get used to. To put it one foot must be, otherwise it breaks the geule. In fact the only rel default was that it is not balance trs. But you get used to it quickly.

For weight there is nothing redir, it is not too lgre nor too heavy.

When the sound, it is good for a trs bass of this price. It is clearly destined to rock style. It comes very easy to get one's greasy, ideal with overdrive. We also have a slightly softer


I thought beginners to use as 2nd bass. Because it is his form that pushed me to buy it. But I use rgulirement because the sound is surprising for a bass of this price.

I use it on an amp warwick pro fet-IV with box 411pro. Trs and it sounds good. The effect with the bass I use the overdrive Boss ODB-3.


I use it for 2 months, it's a bomb. Sound, shape, everything is done for.
This is my 3rd bass, and I use it just to rock. But it is more versatile than I thought, while remaining flexible at all. Avoid so as to take it to learn to play bass Premire, just because the look you tap the eye.

It comes with a cover, although trs drawback being protected for the bass.
The varnished against looking a little fragile. Mine still has no marks, but it will probably happen soon. But it seems really solid gnral.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Small dtails:
+ There is a thumb rest on the micro
+ The cover
+ Finish
+ REFERRED of the choza to put the strap are standard size. not need to redo the hole to put the stap lock.

-The jack on the front of the bass
Not well-balance. probably because of the shape, not because of poor design.
-Makes no sense.