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Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-IV
Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-IV
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«  a very good bass, great for the price »

Publié le 01/18/12 à 14:18
The First tbird Pro is very different from the standard TBird, the pro is active (that's not a surprise), it has a neck-through (the standard tbird has a handle screwed), the handle is thinner (38 Same-Silet to a jazz bass, 55 to 19 case - thinner than a JB), but also I had three surprises:

first surprise finish wood raw way that makes you feel like a handicraft unique in the hands of great beauty. The contours of the different volumes are softer than the standard TBird is evident at the surepaissseur the body at the neck is very smooth (a real staircase on the tbird standard)
As usual with the epiphone standard of finish is very correct.
deuxiemme surprise: the weight!! it is light (more than a squier deluxe JB) nothing to do with the standard TBird (Norman wardrobe) the body appears thinner and the density of the wood is certainly different.
third surprise: it is still longer than the standard tbird! (About 3 cm or 1.25m! A record?) Already the standard tbird does not fit into the standard houses and crates!! (Thoman has a special model of the house "THOMANN GIGBAG HEAVY BASS 1 / ref: 245877")

as usual with the epiphone violin is very good (for the price and Breathtaking respect to the concurrency at same price level, three of my bass before this one tbird the standard was already the cheapest (211E) and the best by far)

too bad there is no marking on the metal buttons (there are still a notch middle)
To solve the chronic default tbird, the hand strap attachment sleeve arrived behind the neck of the bass suddenly no longer immersed in the neck is much better than the previous series.


Good as usual with epiphone first action: throwing ropes, I unpacked, tuned bass, check that the electronic working and I changed the strings by DAdaRIO, I had the black finger! They could sell more of 10E and put real strings?! it is not important but the quality of the epiphone violin is a ridiculous!


it's a very diverse sound with a little "Boissé" with less than high harmonics squier deluxe JB. The settings are really effective, we can obtain a fatty her sound very clear.


I resume, it's a very good low and the price is great.
It is very nice, very pleasant to play and effective in his.
I can not get enough.
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