Fender Victor Bailey Jazz Bass
Fender Victor Bailey Jazz Bass

Victor Bailey Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Victor Bailey series.

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.lincruste 12/11/2004

Fender Victor Bailey Jazz Bass : .lincruste's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Origin United States
22 Frets
Four knobs, one master volume, a pan, a tone bass / treble cut / boost, mid cut / boost, the equalization circuit is powered by two 9V batteries ...
Noiseless pickups, Bolt (five screws), form "C"
Koa body (I do not know it was endangered when I bought it, sniff), Rosewood and Mahogany (three layers, one on each timber)
Delivered in flight case with straploocks, strap, cable, key truss-rod adjustment, two allen key for Saddles, and a certificate proving that you paid, and Fender is a haven for sellers of cars frustrated .. .


The first contact is very nice, it takes time to feel comfortable when it is not used to this type of race (which was my case), but one senses immediately that this is an instrument of very well made ... Played unplugged, the whole instrument "vibrate" ring of characteristic sound, plans harmless pass by themselves ... The string action was too high for me, but after a fall, I found my bearings quickly ...
The bass is quite heavy, but nothing unbearable, for against, in its flight case, it's horror, provide military training to carry it over long distances ...
It should be noted that Fender instruments are quickly resolved, and a tour by the maker is usually necessary (choose well!)


The settings are ... effective ... The equalization of the two knobs is subtle, the slightest change has a significant effect ... I love this control mediums!
It's a Jazz Bass with a modern sound due to its active electronics ... A perfect blend in my opinion, bass delivers a range of sounds, very serious and "round" (dub) to very, very aggressive with the control of acute ... A high volume, low notes are defined, which was sorely lacking in my old bass ...
Perfect for slap, but mostly played with fingers, quick phrasing in the bridge, with strings deep draft, the notes jump, feast ...
The game is very rewarding agreements, again thanks to the definition of the notes, perhaps due to the electronic ...


I stick a 10 because
1) I got it very cheaply
2) I like it


This bass is my home for the past few months, I became adept ... Initially chosen for its looks and because I loved the sound, I do not regret the lack of care taken by Fender to build his instruments mid / high end:
inside the bass is a real site, ended badly ... The knob of the medium fell from itself after a month I had the screw when I do not use it much ... The next "rock legend" with screws to close the plate electronics as 50 years ago a little bored, and there are two discrete farts on her body, which are original as the paint was laid by ABOVE!
The advantage of having an instrument of natural finish is that one can detect any defects violin like this, and I do not like the Jazz Bass painted ... This instrument COST $ 1399 in the U.S. This is a very good price considering the overall quality ... But 2500 euros to Pigalle, knowing that Fender keeps copies of his best instruments for the U.S. market, it is better think twice before breaking the bank ...
To not end on a negative note, I said that the instrument keeps all its promises in terms of sound, fun, and look ... and I intend to enjoy it for years!