Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass [2003-2009]
Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass [2003-2009]

American Deluxe Precision Bass [2003-2009], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Precision Bass series.

tubart 04/06/2008

Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass [2003-2009] : tubart's user review


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CF opinion below


Or no one appreciates. THERE has precision round of lovers and those who hate it, this is actually a fairly impressive run, but it's still nice to use. The weight of the handle (synonym of a consistent wood density) tends to tilt his head toward the ground during an acute game, but nothing unmanageable. After she is LOUR-DE ... provide a strap of a dozen cm thick, and that changes everything. So much for the "defects".
Otherwise, access to acute very easy, very affordable 22 frets, nothing painful to report.


This is the most versatile precision bass Fender catalog.

_ A violin that commands respect: endless sustain, depth and presence of sound, good response over the entire bandwidth ...
_électronique: a must versatility and versatility while keeping a character that made the legend of the brand. microphone allows panning assay to perfection the traditional split precision levels and bridge humbucker (which is neither more nor less than a coupling 2 single coil Jazz Bass), moving from one its traditional precision bass ultra slamming like punk rock / garage game to pick a medium and its redhotchilipeppersien into play backed finger through a jazzy sound on the humbucker with a revamped equalization sounds Stingray when both pickups are sending at the same time, Low reggae-dub "stirs me guts" very dynamic if you like sub-bass, and always without missing dynamics and precision.
Personally I play finger, a pick and slap, and this bass is a treat versatility, and its grain is great, as long as we like.
And an interesting point, is in a group that the beautiful shows its potential: I play in a group of two guitarists often playing on triple correct distortion (bass friends, I let you imagine the "wall" guitar although distos are not too extensive), a drummer and a sample session, and accuracy out very correctly as long as the amp is properly adjusted (I play a lot on the medium range , am not a follower of a sound too "serious").


A classic revisited and versatile remains a high-affordable range with a distinctive identity. I recently tried a G & L L2500 is a bass that I love too, but has a more "solid", though typical PBass / stingray anyway. The Deluxe PBass US, by comparison, has a more "tight" so to speak. Excellent bass.