Fender American Vintage '75 Jazz Bass
Fender American Vintage '75 Jazz Bass

American Vintage '75 Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the American Vintage Jazz Bass series.

petit biquet 01/09/2005

Fender American Vintage '75 Jazz Bass : petit biquet's user review


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Trs beautiful object!
Made in US, saddle and handle body frne
look a little "spcial" natural wood vein trs ddiant plutt the training funk, but After all, those who love the look will be filled!
restoring the vintage microphone sound pannel JB, say anything ...
High-flying finish, this price is the least we can do!
trs pais varnish, which gives the weight consquent artwork Sonnora an empty (no amp) dj a good glimpse of what we are going after discovering amplifier e.
Purpose, slap or trs serious short a jewel everything.


C-shape handle, extremely enjoyable.
Access in acute fluid and smoothly.
it sounds all over the handle, a rgal!


Recovery with a BA115, I tend to say she does not speak much that vacuum.
I opt for direct input via a strip Avalon and PDAL board.
l is happiness!
Again, thanks its construction and its wood prcise trs trs compact and heavy, the sound is the appointment ...
harmonics are Submitted, slap sounds are more than respectable, and well sr, finger plays, JB is THE REFERENCE for me!


A little heavy for non-habit!

for the price, this luxury object is well within its function versatility in styles and Longva jous in the quality of manufacture.
For sounds that comes out is the purity of the pure state, pure and simple!