Fender Classic Player Cabronita Precision Bass
Fender Classic Player Cabronita Precision Bass

Classic Player Cabronita Precision Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Precision Bass series.

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Fender Classic Player Cabronita Precision Bass : Anonymous 's user review

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Mexican, this bass has an alder body, maple neck with a / maple fingerboard REPORTED, mechanical "vintage" inverted bridge (filter-tron) badass guy fender, micro fidelitron, one volume, one tone and basta!


The handle is wide who may come from a Jazzbass or yamaha, but it is done quickly (I have hands I can think a larger than average), the bass is not overly heavy but the profile of the body can be tough for some, the violin can be more or less than 51 accuracy.


Basically, I am a fan of his standard of accuracy, but I've always had a rather unpleasant snap in the attack (probably my style of play quite fit in). Here we find what makes its accuracy, but twice, by cutting a can of high frequencies (nothing bad, but noticeable compared to a single) who saw me snap, perfect!
Otherwise, the instrument emits no parasite twice, for her you really think is accurate with a bit less brightness and low medium, which is exactly what I like!


I love this bass. It is not easy, even roots, but it sounds so good and is so elegant in black I love it. Ideal for a lot of style in fact (because of the reduced brightness that penalizes games slap), the bass is not an instrument of virtuoso except maybe the funk but calls rather beautiful melodic lines or send the growl when necessary, a treat!