Harley Benton PB-50

PB-50, 4-string bass guitar from Harley Benton in the Vintage series.

kodiakblair 09/14/2015

Harley Benton PB-50 : kodiakblair's user review

« Quite Simply Put It's A Good Bass »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
A bold title yes but one I'll stick with.

Having played bass for over 30 years this was my 1st purchase from Thomann and a fine one
in my opinion. I'd recently joined the UK BassChat forum and saw the retailer mentioned plenty.On visiting the site I liked the look of the PB-50.

The spec was good, long scale,maple neck and fretboard,light Basswood body,D'Addario strings and a Wilkinson pickup.Now the strings and pickup would cost 50 euro alone,the PB-50 was less than 100 euro.Worth a gamble I thought (since then I now know there is 30 days return)

In 2.5 days the bass was delivered from Germany to Scotland and the fun began.Out the box I was struck by how well constructed the bass was,good finish,no sharp or high frets,playable action.Surely this was a fluke,basses this affordable shouldn't be this good.

No fluke, another was bought as I'd strung the 1st with nylon tapes and it is equally good.I was so pleased with the PB-50 I started a thread on TalkBass and soon heard from other players similarly impressed.

A word about the Wilkinson pickup,one of the posters to my TalkBass thread works in Kenya and after 6 months bought one from a fella in England( Thomann don't deliver to Kenya).His arrived with a Seymour Duncan pickup fitted and he was intrigued by how the Wilkinson would have sounded,as I planned on trying either a toaster or mudbucker in one I sent him my Wilkinson pickup.Both pickups had the same range and clarity,in fact they both sounded the same.Only the Wilkinson is LOUDER.

Seriously this is a great bass for under 100 euro and I'm hard pressed to see how the Squier CV equivalent costs 5 times as much.So where are costs cut ? well it has a basswood body but so do many other basses.The finish is a FotoFlame under the gloss though this only matters if you want to relic it.

A great 1st bass,a great back up bass,a great bass for the classic look and tone.
Do yourself a favour and get one and remember Thomann offer 30 days return if the QC isn't 100% and 3 years warranty as standard.

You really have nothing to lose:bravo:

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