Hohner The Jack Bass Custom
Hohner The Jack Bass Custom

The Jack Bass Custom, 4-string bass guitar from Hohner.

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phaesis 09/26/2006

Hohner The Jack Bass Custom : phaesis's user review


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Please note the picture is not a Jack Bass Custom 5-string but a B2B.  The Jack has body horns more like a standard bass body.
The Jack Custom 5 string Bass is an active 5-string bass, headless (bridge by Steinberg), made from one piece of wood, neck-through with 24 frets, easy to access in the treble, separate volume control for each pickup with Hohner. A small switch can trigger the preamp. A big knob split into two levels for the determination of the bass and treble
A small LED lights when the preamp is on.
The neck is very correct, I advise you to do the same as John Petrucci does and go with sandpaper and then 2000 to 1500 wet and dry used wet on the back of the neck to give you a real smooth highway without the fuck varnish, scratch even trying to go to specialty stores to find the car body specialty papers for hyper price OK!
The access to treble is good because the neck does not have a huge heel because of the neck-through design. The weight is correct and balanced with a choice of two height adjustment strap buttons for a high and low for jazz rockers. Fingers playing the top position is ideal and comfortable.
Consumption side: battery change once a year for safety but it does eat much power and yet the amp is always triggered. on the other hand remember to unplug your guitar jack lead when you're not playing as the battery continues to charge ... and there you change the battery often as every instrument preamp!


As for the strings in fact you can choose to buy the double rope balls (or other Steinberger) ultra easy to change or a simple solution that works if you want any kind of string is using dominoes Legrand Electric brand and tighten your ropes course depending on the size of each string choose your domino, domino the scope of primary and small, and secondly you can buy any type of rope you good vez have a screwdriver but frankly a bassist does not change and does not break strings as often as guitar is not it!


HIS side is énooorrrrmmme with so serious that you thrilled by side against amp is better to have a Trace Elliot amp in my case or SWR or Ampeg ... following correctly if it is ridiculous to have a formula without the rest ... I used it with several groups and individual records it is very versatile and adapts without taking the lead in all styles: funk, jazz, fusion, rock, pop ... sound can be round for jazz can slapper like crazy and spend a huge shake you ...
The handle allows a headless original instrument but also more balanced because of one piece with the body, it gives a damn sustain to the instrument.
The Jack Custom 5 string bass that I propose is to clear natural wood color, she serves as the studio to do the bass parts for artists or for a serious concert precise and powerful.


In summary:
You want a 5 string bass that sounds well, you know what you have to do!
- Strings for expensive dual balls or hard to find, it's easy to level the problem of tariff see above or contact me if you want to explain my address dominique.vassart @ wanadoo.fr
- Versatile
- Sounds great with his 5-string
- Very well balanced and enjoyable to play